Quelle Différence is french and has a dual meaning - it asks the question "what difference?" and it expresses the exclamation "what a difference!"

The idea
Quelle Différence is about asking the questions and reaching results. We believe that positive social change starts when a group of people ask themselves "what difference do we want to make?" As we go about our changemaking efforts, we track our progress and celebrate our accomplishments by acknowledging "what a difference we made!" The before and after pictures are essential components of the process itself.

The services
Quelle Différence enables others to realize their full potential in being the positive difference that they want to see in the world. We coach decisionmakers and organizations as well as young individuals wanting to realize their dream project. We assist in planning and facilitating meetings, workshops and conferences with diverse groups of people and issues. We contribute to social projects, when goals are being set, collaborators are being decided, visions are drawn up and the work is in progress.

We have a firm belief in the power of connecting people in meetings and processes. Bringing people together, creating an environment, an atmosphere, a feeling of trust and potential, bringing out the right questions that will start the processes within the group, generating connections and ideas for how to move ahead.


We offer professional and personal coaching as a means to reach sustainable change in your work, projects or life. Through years of experience in leadership development, we can offer understanding and a listening ear, as well as poignant questions and the challenges you may need to reach the results that you want. Trained in coaching methodology by Daniel Sá Nogueira of WeCreate, we use effective tools that help you get from reality to action.

The Human Element

The Human Element is a methodology developed over three decades of active research work by Will Schutz and his teams of experts and experimentalists. The approach works with the roots of human behavior and motivation, creating deep, lasting change and avoiding the pitfalls that often make change processes superficial scratchings on the surface. Licensed in the material, we can offer tailor made solutions for your team or organization to gain important insights that take your leadership to the next level and enable you to reach your desired results.

Project management

With over a decade's experience in project management in the non-profit sector, we have the expertise to take changemaking initiatives from dreams to reality. Whether it be a small project by a few individuals or an international endeavor by large network organizations, we can offer support along the way. You may need assistance in the creative processes, the fundraising efforts, goal setting, mobilizing volunteers, ensuring a sustainable leadership or communicating effectively. We can come in to consult or step in and provide hands on project management - all depending on your current needs. Previous projects include: LSU metodo (swe), To Oslo With Love, UWC Belgium Short Course 2013.

Hosting and facilitation

We believe that most positive social change happens when people come together in dialogue. When different individuals, ideas, perspectives, competences and world views meet, things happen that could not have happened if they had been isolated. The sum is larger than the parts. For dialogue to be fruitful, enjoyable and effective, we can help in designing, hosting and facilitating using an array of methodologies, lending inspiration from the Art of Hosting, Open Space Technology, World Café and others.

The founder
Ola Nilsson is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Having lived on three continents and in very international settings, he has a broad network of contacts around the globe that can take part in change processes and projects. Ola can be reached at ola (at) quelledifference.org

Please get in touch and tell us - what difference do you want to make?!