söndag 6 juni 2010

Getting what you ask for

The global summit to Rework the World, in Leksand, Sweden, has come to an end. Four days of summit with 1700 people from 120 countries has been a very powerful experience. Up until the very end I can say that I have gained.

One woman told me a story, as we were sitting on the bus back to our cottages. She had been stressing the past couple of days over a project proposal that was to be handed in in two days and she didn't feel like she had the sufficient grounding in the issue that had to do with compiling an exhibition for a major actor that had to do something about sustainability, food and China. She was almost about to give up, but then in the lunch-line she starts talking to the person standing behind her who happens to be from China. One lunch-time conversation later and she is ALL set with her proposal - with all the necessary connections for her to be perfectly grounded and well prepared for her pitch.

Somehow, in the magic algebra of serendipity, her fears and doubts were swept away, her dreams were answered! I thought that was really great, and shows that consciously putting diverse people together creates a nice growing ground for these subliminal goals to be realized!

/Ola Nilsson

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