fredag 25 februari 2011

Inspiration from the HUB Brussels

Today I came across a video interview with the founder of the HUB Brussels, Simone Poutnik. I came across it after visiting some other inspiring sites on The Art of Hosting and Natural Innovation. She talks about her process of founding the HUB, how it came about, how she did it, the key success factors and some inspirational stories from the process.

Talking to Hub Founders: Interview with Simone Poutnik from Hub Lausanne Initiative on Vimeo.

It was really inspiring for me to watch it, both because it gave me a bit of a humbling perspective on the time that it can actually take from idea to launched "product", and also because I really related to the situation she was in when she got the idea to start up - she was working from home and it was a bit lonely - I know the feeling! ;-)

So now I'm going to get in touch with Simone to set up a meeting to go visit the HUB, yay!

/Ola Nilsson

2 kommentarer:

Unknown sa...

Ola! Great to have found your blog. Lots of inspiring insights into your part of reality, with your engagement and positive approach shining through. As always! /magdalena

Ola Nilsson sa...

Thanks M, for your comment! Well, these are, as you know, just tid bits of my reality, and thankfully we do get ample chances (although to infrequent) to get insights and inspiration from each others reality! Always lovely to see you in person! Thanks for your great energy and your warm words. All the best /ola