söndag 31 maj 2009

Make it happen - LSU Global conference

The saturday of the LSU Global conference was packed with workshops, ranging from CISV with Mosquito tactics, to MIKU with their Puzzle. Lots of fun and interesting stuff. Some people I talked to felt that they were a little packed mentally, but others thought it was a good balance. I went around today as well with the video camera and zoom, catching some clips that I will aim to edit and make available some time soon I hope.

I personally got some great snippets of inspiration. Thank you Farid and the Intize-crew for your never ending inspiration of perspectives on failures and successes! And thanks Amra from for reiterating the symbol of the puzzle, and the process of giving and getting little pieces of the puzzels we create.

Thank you to the panel for rounding it up, repeating some things that can take repeating, and giving an extra push. Thank you Magdalena for your valuable quote of the day:

"I had an idea, a project that I wanted to start up and get going perhaps next year, but now after one day here, I decided that I'm gonna get it going in about two months"
Magdalena Musiala

Great stuff, I can't wait til tomorrow!

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