måndag 3 december 2012

My talk at TEDxHumanRights&Identity

I was asked to do a talk at TEDxSödravägen on the theme of Human Rights and Identity in November (2012). Connecting it to my involvement in organizing To Oslo With Love, I also wanted to go back in time a bit and explore my own identity related to the theme.

I dug up some events that show how both fear and love have been factors that shaped my values and identity at different points in my life. Going down that road was quite an uncomfortable experience. I couldn't really just pat myself on the back for being such a great antiracist activist, but also had to look back at a period in my life when I was affected by fear and xenophobic ideas.

I was also super nervous going out on that stage and I am very self-critical when watching the video - for the things that I forgot to mention, and the places where I lost my track. But I'm still happy to share it as my first public attempt to tell a personal story that for me is worth remembering on a daily basis as I continue to grapple with how we deal with the intolerance, fear and hate that exists in the world and sometimes within ourselves.

I hope you can take something from it. Feel free to comment and write me with your feedback, thoughts or your own personal experiences. I can also recommend watching some of the other inspiring talks from TEDxSödravägen.

From Ola With Love!

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