onsdag 12 juni 2013

"The world at a crossroads: Making sense of globalization"

Every year, the Tällberg Forum brings together leaders from across society and around the world to share insights on the most compelling issues of our time. We ask simply: How on earth can we live together?
This year, the Tällberg Forum takes place on June 13-15 and gathers 300 participants from 54 countries. (See the full program here: http://bit.ly/14wLJxa)
We will discuss our perceptions of today's global reality, asking whether we see globalization as it really is, or through lenses that are skewed or outdated. By convening this conversation on globalization, the Tällberg Foundation aims to prepare for an improved engagement with the challenges, opportunities and complexities of a world that is both coming together and coming apart at the same time - with technology, relationships, markets, identity and power as central themes.

Join the live streamed sessions (here: http://bit.ly/19pmEbn) to take part in these important conversations of our time. 

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